Steve's Profile

After a brief stint at a local art school commenced a cadetship with a Fairfax community newspaper at aged 19. Lasting 4 years before beginning a freelance path and travelling.

* Later working @ Fairfax magazines at the Sydney Morning Herald and Sun Herald.

* Currently living in Sydney with wife Karen and children Jade & Zara.

* Interests include Art, travel and surfing.

* Specialising in portraiture, people and fashion , after coming from a news & sport background.


* First solo book called EXPRESSIONS due for release December 1st 2011, published by Harper Collins, beyond my wildest expectations.

* Career highlights include, finalist in 2004 Citigroup Photographic portrait prize, 2005, 2006 & 2007 Olive Cotton portrait prize and photographing many a travelling personality from the Rock to Dave Grohl.

* I try and approach each portrait very simply and from a different perspective as each personality is like that, unique. The most important aspect of shooting a portrait is to get a relaxed relationship going with the sitter, finding some common ground to keep the subject comfortable and be as quick as possible. I want people to leave a shoot feeling they have enjoyed themselves and not as a chore.

* Favourite photographers of influence include Richard Avedon, Mark Seliger, Richard Bailey and David Bailey.